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In another article we describe what a domain is and some concepts related to it. In this article we will describe some things to consider when registering a domain.

Types of domains.

The extent of each domain (which is on the right after the point) is what is called top-level domain (TLD).

There are two types of TLDs:
The generic (gTLD) such as. com,. org, .net …
And the country code (ccTLD) like .es, .uk, .It …

What we know as the domain as such would be a second-level domain, for example  A third level domain could be which are usually cheaper.

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How to register a domain.

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What is a domain?
A domain or domain name is an identifier that groups a number of devices or services connected to the Internet.
Another possible less technical definition, would be the name that gives presence (usually a company) on the Internet.
A domain is always associated with the IP address of a device connected to the Internet, as it could be a web server. This makes it easier to connect with one of these devices, since it is easier to remember a name like an ip address.

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