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In another article we describe what a domain is and some concepts related to it. In this article we will describe some things to consider when registering a domain.

Types of domains.

The extent of each domain (which is on the right after the point) is what is called top-level domain (TLD).

There are two types of TLDs:
The generic (gTLD) such as. com,. org, .net …
And the country code (ccTLD) like .es, .uk, .It …

What we know as the domain as such would be a second-level domain, for example  A third level domain could be which are usually cheaper.

What type of domain to register?

Technically it does not matter what type of registration. Never mind that if the TLD is .uk, com, .org, etc, they are configured the same way

Although it is always preferable to register a domain with a generic TLD (. Com or. Net) rather than a ccTLD domain (like. Com or.

There are also those who use the ccTLD domain to host the web in the language of the country and for the domain .com to host the English version, for example. See and

What records to use?

The first thing to consider is that a registrar is not a reseller of another.
For example, Acens is a Tocows reseller (a Canadian registrar) and Don Dominio does not depend on anyone. The difference in price for a domain .com is huge between the two.
The fewer intermediaries between the end user who register the domain and the registrar, the domain will be cheaper and less trouble will be with the administration of the domain.

Another aspect to consider is the services included by the registrar. If it include parkin / redirection, if it do charge for change of ownership, the price for to renew the domain if it is in redemption period, etc …

It is highly valued that the support is 24x7x365, and if it is in our mother tongue even better. It would also be interesting to find out the average time it takes to resolve questions and problems of their clients, although this would require looking at forums on this subject.

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