Linux backup

backup imageThis time I will explain some of the most often used Linux backup tools to perform information backup of almost all operative systems. But first of all, let explain some topics of the backup argot.

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The importance of the Backup

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A backup is a copy of critical information from a computer system, which is then used to retrieve the information for a possible loss.
Needless to say, the backup’s is one of the most important elements of any business to save data. We at Conekia, do backups regularly and review are being done correctly. In fact, shortly before writing this article, we had to retrieve a copy of one of our internal servers.
What information do you copy?
When we do the copy is to consider what information is being copied and the characteristics of it.
For example, files from a web page do not change unless you update the web. This information is static so we should not take actions such as blocking file to copy. Furthermore, a database changes over time so that when we do the backup, you could be doing writing on it. So we have to use some strategy to block files, such as a dump (which will lock the tables when to dump the database) or a snapshot.