Server management

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To anyone who bases his business on the Internet, either online stores or any other SaaS, server maintenance helps greatly to the service be active the mostof the time.

If we do not take the time to regularly review our server we may be engaged in a series of nasty problems such as:

  • Attackers who obtain root privileges on the server or privileges that scale.
  • Theft or deleting of data stored on the server (eg databases).
  • Failures in hard drives with the consequent loss of information if you do not have a good backup policy.
  • Sending spam scripts uploaded by vulnerable applications.
  • Denial of service.
  • The server becomes part of a botnet.
  • etc. ..

The server management arises to avoid all these problems and can include the following:

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DNS direct and reverse lookup

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Since humans, the vast majority, we are given quite bad to remember IP addresses anyone developed a way to associate names to those addresses, so that we could access the service behind that address, either a web service of email, etc. And therein lies the DNS (Domain name System), a distributed database that associates names (<a href="http://labs le viagra»>domains or domain names) to iP addresses. Sigue leyendo