Download and share free files without fear of the censorship

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At this time, in almost every country in the world there is some law or laws which makes it difficult to share information on the Internet.
Some of them are the famous SOPA, PIPA and the law <a href="http://es.wikipedia posologie de» target=»_blank»>SINDE but are not the only, the most extreme case is probably censorship in China.
However, there are several methods to share what we want without censorship

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How to avoid censorship to share files in Internet

Email marketing. Increases the rate of messages delivered.

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The goal of many of our customers is that messages sent in email marketing campaigns to reach the maximum number of subscribers.

These campaigns are based on sending mass e-mails and Internet service providers (ISP) may block the delivery of these emails to subscribers who are in their networks.

I will focus on certain concepts that may help to improve or increase the rate of message delivery in email marketing campaigns, but also is applicable and desirable, to any server or email system: Sigue leyendo

Combat Spam in your server

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In Conekia have spent years dealing with spam in the mail, curse on network can made somebody mad  in performing of his daily work.
It could be defined as any unsolicited or unwanted, usually for advertising purposes and are also often sent in bulk. Any email account is likely to receive such messages, and as suffer.

Techniques to avoid spam.
Let’s say there is no technique that guarantees complete form that we will not suffer the arrival of these messages, even though someone back in 2004 (we all know who) predicted the end of such practices in 2006.
As new methods appear to combat it, spammers (those who send spam) manage to develop others to continue with these practices.
These are some of the methods that we use in the server configurations to our customers.

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